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Expedition Royalty Co. is a privately held company focused on the acquisition of mineral rights and royalty interests.

Expedition was built to help people who have property with viable mineral, surface and water rights get a fair price for their assets.

We have the experience to get the job done. Members of our team have bought and sold over 50,000 net mineral acres (NMA). We have seen and handled all the complexities that may be involved in mineral rights and royalty interest deals, including successfully addressing issues involving overrides or overriding royalty interests (ORRI) and net revenue interest (NRI).

We are particularly interested in acquiring mineral rights in properties in Howard County, as well as other Permian Basin counties touching the Wolfcamp Shale and Spraberry Trend, including Glasscock County and Martin County.

We believe in the spirit that built West Texas and in the people who work in this rugged landscape. That’s why we are opening an office in Big Spring, in Howard County. We are the local partner that landowners in Howard and neighboring counties trust.

Members of the Expedition team have bought and sold 50,000+ Net Mineral Acres


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