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You may have gotten a call from us, a letter in the mail, heard about Expedition through a friend or relative, or could be the first time you’re hearing about Expedition. Regardless, Expedition is here to help you understand the options you have.

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There are many factors that determine the price we offer you. Each situation is different.

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After you understand the evaluation, offer, and pricing, Expedition will work with you to have a pain free closing. Expedition will pay you promptly via wire, check, or any other payment option that is easiest for you.

So, How Do We Come Up With Our Offer?

Many factors determine the price we offer you:

  • First, we take into account the location of your interest. In the Permian, this location is often described using a Section, Block, and Township (ex: Section 10, Block 33, Township 2 North)
  • Next, we determine how many net acres you own and if there is any current production on the property.
  • Finally, we take into account any nearby drilling activity, while also determining the likelihood of your minerals being put to commercial use within a specific timeframe.

In short, once we identify the legal location of your land and the specifics of the ownership you have, we can provide you fair value and talk you through exactly how we derived it.

By knowing the value of your mineral interest, you'll know your options.